Overwhelmed with follow Up ? 

Imagine How Much Money You Would Have If You Consistently Followed Up

With Every Customer, Hostess, Consultant or Prospect 

If you aren't following up you are losing a Ton of money !! 

It’s the dirtiest little secret in the home party business. If you don’t follow up with your customers, hostesses, team members or your prospects, then making it to the top level of your company is nearly impossible.  So many talented, hardworking women can sell a lot of products at a party – and they can even be great at recruiting. But if they aren’t using a system that follows up consistently with every single contact they have, the hard truth is that making it to the top will be an exhausting challenge.Managing your own party business can be hectic at times (to say the least). You are in charge of everything from inventory management, customer service, advertising, appointment setting, coaching, recruiting and the list goes on and on.

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